I recently had the privilege of speaking at the 2015 AMIA Policy Invitational in Washington, DC. The theme of this year’s event was how policymakers can impact the on-going evolution of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). What a great group of people! Read more to get my top 5 takeaways from the event.

1. Health Information is an Asset to Multiple Audiences

There is a shift in thinking from the traditional ‘EHR’-centric model to secure health information as an asset available for use by multiple audiences – payers, providers, patients, caregivers, researchers, health policy makers – anytime, anywhere.

2. Health Data Architecture Needs to Be Re-Thought

There are more effective ways to structure health data and data sharing to meet each audience’s health information needs. Too much time is wasted on acquiring or provisioning certain data to some audiences, while other audiences need particular data to research, innovate and improve individual and population health, well-being and the cost of care.

3. Pinpointing Data Essential for Reimbursement is Critical

Due to the Affordable Care Act, IMPACT Act and MACRA , the shift to new payment models and systems is happening fast. Knowing what data is essential for reimbursement is the nearest term focus.

4. Strategies for Harnessing Increasing Amounts of Health Data Need to Be Developed

Increasing number of digital health, tele-health, wearables, IoT solutions are creating more health data. How do we harness and integrate it effectively into population health management and individual health care delivery and research?

5. The Core Overarching Goals Remain the Same

The core overarching goals remain the same – make health care safer, more cost effective, and relevant to ensure our populations are healthy and able to be productive.

The ongoing focused and thought-provoking discussions will continue to help articulate the role of biomedical and health informatics in developing next-generation federal policies and research priorities.

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