Industry Solutions

The healthcare industry is undergoing dramatic changes as it evolves to value based care and reimbursement. We help organizations to accelerate growth and optimize performance during this transition. We assist healthcare industry enterprises of all types to quickly and effectively identify and leverage new capabilities and technology that increase opportunities to differentiate from the competition and secure long term success.

Here are 5 of the most popular strategic programs we facilitate for our clients. If you have questions about them or want more information about how industry trends are impacting your healthcare enterprise, contact us anytime.

Industry Solutions

Accelerating Enterprise Growth & Innovation

  • Market Research & Solution Alignment
  • Segmentation, Prospect Valuation & Prioritization
  • 21st Century Healthcare Market Strategy Planning & Execution
  • Integrated Digital and Traditional Healthcare Marketing & Communications
  • Asymmetric Business Development

Free Ebook: Accelerating B2B Growth – Marketing for Value Based Healthcare 

Value Based Care & Reimbursement

  • Enterprise Transition Strategy & Execution
  • Accountable & Integrated Care (ACOs) Strategy, Implementation & Optimization
  • Bundle Strategy, Design, Pricing
  • Specialty Drug & Care Management Strategy & Execution
  • Provider and Payer Contracting
  • Provider Performance Management

Free Ebook: Surviving Value-Based Reimbursement Through Innovation

Medical Travel & Tourism

  • Grow Your Domestic and international Markets
  • Service Line Readiness Assessment
  • Market Segmentation & Prioritization
  • Marketing Strategy – Direct to Consumer & Channel Partners
  • MT Program Design, Build & Implementation

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Managed Care Contract Competition: Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Commercial MCOs

  • Requirements & Competitive Analysis
  • Performance Assessment
  • Asymmetric Business Development
  • Program Innovation & Design
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Readiness Assessment

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Healthcare M&A: Optimizing Growth & Integration

  • Capability Gap – Requirements Analysis
  • Target Identification, Assessment, and Valuation
  • Integration Planning & Execution

Free Ebook: The Executive’s Guide to Healthcare M&A 

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Using our 30+ years of industry experience, we can help you overcome challenges and identify new opportunities to grow your healthcare business.