Healthcare Market Research

Uncover new market opportunities to create additional revenue streams.

Healthcare Market ResearchThe key to growth is to understand where your best opportunities lie. Our healthcare market research measures alignment of your current or proposed products and services with market needs to:

  • Uncover market growth opportunities
  • Understand the buying behaviors of each segment
  • Quantify revenue and margin opportunity by market segment
  • Prioritize your marketing & sales investments

But market growth carries challenges and risks. Solid market research identifies risks including:

  • Critical feature or capability gaps
  • Brand perception challenges
  • Competitive strengths & weaknesses
  • Pricing misalignment

Combining opportunity with risk analysis intelligently guides strategic business decisions to advance your growth strategy, whether organic or via acquisition.


  • Solution-market alignment assessment
  • Opportunity identification and market sizing
  • Prioritized segmentation analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Pricing analysis
  • Capability adjacency identification (or complimentary capability identification)
  • Acquisition target identification

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