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Managing Director

As a senior healthcare executive and consultant, Scott has over 30 years’ experience of broad healthcare enterprise operational and technology leadership.

Scott Pickens, Managing DirectorHe’s held numerous ā€œCā€ level senior executive positions in the following areas:

  • Commercial and publicly funded managed care organizations
  • Healthcare consulting and services firms
  • Software, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies

He has also worked with Integrated Delivery Systems, Medicare and Medicaid programs,as well as population health management, employee benefit, life and disability insurance, information services, behavioral health and web-based enterprises.

Scott offers clients a comprehensive and visionary understanding of how multiple players and stakeholders in the healthcare industry interoperate, collaborate and compete. He’s built several successful new businesses and has consistently led his clients to the next level of success and value.

Some of his key areas of expertise include:

  • Business development and growth
  • Operations management
  • Strategic planning/policy
  • Information technology
  • Business Intelligence
  • Program/product development and management functions

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