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Advisory Panel

Kevin Brown, Advisory BoardServing as an advisory board member to our team and clients, Kevin has over 25 years of experience leading several fast-growth healthcare technology companies.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful track record of growing enterprise level software product vendor companies. His experience includes:

  • Founding AMISYS Managed Care Systems
  • Serving as president, CEO, and Chairman of the Board
  • Managing and growing the company to become a market leader
  • Licensing AMYSIYS products to 105 health plans
  • Raising funds to acquire Synertech, forming ASI

Kevin served as President and CEO of ASI, a company of 1,000 employees serving 85 health plans. Upon the acquisition of ASI by DST, Kevin served as Chairman of DST’s healthy industry subsidiary, DST Health Solutions serving over 165 payer customers.

Currently, Kevin serves on the board of several healthcare and technology startups. He earned his bachelor’s degree from City College of New York.